Today will be the last time I'll be doing interviews for my film 'We Rave' at EDC in Vegas. Come find me by the main entrance starting at 7pm and share your favorite memories to be in my film. 

Another crazy year of traveling is in the books. Only 2 more years of filming left for me on We Rave. That might seem like a long time, but considering I've already been doing this for 3 years now, I'm almost done. 2105 marks the re-launch of the podcast I'm doing with my friend Sven (Disinterred, SouthWicked) also. That site was kinda up the last 2 months, but the podcast episodes are finally ready to be released. Look out for "Conversations in Black" in the iTunes store next week.

Lots of travel, filming and podcasting coming up in June/July. See filming dates for We Rave in June including Spring Awakening and EDC at weravedoc.com . Re-launching the podcast website while I'm in Belgium for Graspop too. Link coming in a couple of weeks.

I've been back in Miami for Miami Music Week for the third year in a row and it never stops being fun. Anyway, I start doing interviews for the doc again today continuing throughout the weekend. Go to the film's site www.weravedoc.com to see how you can be interviewed for the film. I'd follow the film's twitter handle if I were you too: @WeRaveDoc

Amsterdam was a success. The Armin Only was incredible. We recorded some podcast material, recording more this month separately( we'll explain on the show), so a 3-part Amsterdam special will be released at the end of January with a brand new website for Conversations in Black . I'm also finishing up my filming schedule for the doc, excited to get back into film mode. Looks like I'm adding a Mexico stop in March before Ultra for EDC in Mexico City; should be fun.

So, new episodes of my Conversations in Black podcast are finally on their way. I'm heading to Amsterdam next week to meet up with my co-host Sven and get some new stuff online. We're doing a 3 part podcast entitled "Live from Amsterdam" while we're there and I couldn't be more excited. If you've never been there, you're going to want to listen to these episodes. Keep an eye on weravedoc.com too....

I'm currently finalizing some dates for my fall schedule with the documentary. I'll have some dates on weravedoc.com for where I'll be interviewing people up the about January. Also, more episodes of the Conversations in Black podcast I do with Sven are on the way. I'm looking to be back in Belgium in a month or so and we'll be recording a bunch of new episodes of the podcast. Thanks to those that have listened so far.


STILL, what a crazy year it's becoming huh? Anyway, as if I didn't have enough projects going on, I have yet something else to unleash to the world. I went to Belgium a couple of weeks ago to start a podcast with my friend out there and well here it is: Conversations in Black . Basically, it's 2 guys from different parts of the world talking about, well, life. You'd be surprised about how different it is growing up in Belgium & L.A. Not that either of us lived in both, that might have been written wrong. I mean, we have vastly different view points most of the time is what i'm saying. The pod is now on Itunes too, just search "Conversations in Black podcast" and subscribe. Dont' be a hater. Or BE a hater and talk mad shit.Either way. Enjoy.

What a fucking year already! Good and bad. Actually, more annoying. Anyway, this is looking to be a HUGE year for me. Year 2 of filming my documentary We Rave, new DTO album and solo stuff is all in the works. I'll be launching 2 different websites this year too. They'll be news sites for EDM & metal. The first will launch next month during Miami Music Week while I'm in Miami filming at Ultra. I'll post more info on that VERY soon. Can't wait to launch it....

Oh and Destroy The Opposition news: it's weird right now, but Ricky and I had jammed some SAVAGE riffs last month and the new EP will be pretty technical and heavy. Metalheads; be ready. 'Divinity: The Art of Manipulation' out 4/13.

I'm completely updating all of my websites so this one will also be up to date soon. I'm mainly working on my film's site now. The first teaser trailer goes up next weekend.

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